7.1.5 PTR: Build 23178 Spell Changes, Brawler's Guild Music, Changed Nighthold Loot Stats

7.1.5 PTR: Build 23109 Spell and Legendary Changes

PTR 7.1.5: Build 23109 Updates: Class Changes

Patch 7.1.5 PTR: Build 23038 Updates: Micro-Holidays, Legendary Changes, Class Changes

Secret Endgineer Omegaplugg Boss, Patch 7.1 22864 Data Updates, New Blizzard Merchandise

Patch 7.1 PTR: Build 22685 Spell Updates and Trial of Valor Transmog Sets

7.1 PTR Build 22636: Auction House Improvements, Spell Changes and More

Legion Build 22201 Data Updates

Legion Build 21531 Data Updates - New Demon Hunter Tier 19, Artifact Knowledge and Power System, PvP Mounts and Pets

Legion 3/30 Build Design Notes and New Models - Doomhammer Offhand, Horse Mounts

Legion Alpha 21287 Spell Updates, Achievements, Pirate Day Loot, Scarlet Crusade Transmog

Legion Alpha 21249 Data Updates: Transmog Achievements, Spell Changes, Build Design Notes

New Legion Alpha Build: Feral Druids Enabled!

Legion Alpha Build 21134 Data Updates: Spell Changes, Garrison Gold Nerfs, Fel Core Hound Mount

Legion Alpha Build 21108: Spell Changes, Brewmaster/Vengeance Artifacts, Legendary Feedback

Legion Alpha Build 21063: Spell Changes, Artifact Traits, Tier 19 Set Bonuses, Legendary Items

Legion Alpha: Build 20979 Spell Updates, Items, and More

Legion Alpha Build 20914 Data Updates, Spell Changes, Corgi Icon, Challenge Mode Affixes

Legion Alpha Build 20773: Spell Changes, Artifacts, Bacon and More

Legion Beta: Build 20740 Class Spell Changes Including Demon Hunter Abilities